Read Remember Write

Everyone has learning strengths and weaknesses. A clear understanding of the individual’s profile can be used to enhance reading comprehension and memory and to develop writing. Through tailored instruction, people of all ages can build on their strengths to improve skills and enjoyment of reading, memory, and writing for success in school and the workplace. Whether the goal is to address a learning disability or stimulate progress toward a higher level of achievement, individualized educational instruction by an experienced clinician can be the key to activating the most rapid and lasting growth.

About Dr.Bonomo and Her Students

Jacquelyn Bonomo, Ed.D is a master developmental reading and writing specialist as well as a learning disabilities specialist. She has over 25 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, including K-12 schools, diagnostic facilities, learning disability units, and college learning disability programs. During that time she has maintained a private diagnostic and tutoring practice that serves diverse individuals of all ages, including: young children just learning to read; middle school students in need of comprehension development; adult beginning readers; high school, college, and graduate students wanting to improve reading, memory, study skills and test performance; and professionals with advanced degrees pursuing better, more efficient reading and writing skills for personal growth and work advancement. She has helped diagnose and remediated students with every kind of learning disability, including dyslexia, non-verbal learning disability, expressive and receptive language disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, and disorder of written expression. Additionally, she is trained as an ADD Coach to address the organizational, time-management, and personal challenges of those with AD/HD. Dr. Bonomo often draws on her own experience as an award winning creative writer and professional and academic writer to inspire writing development in her students. Practicing diagnosis and creating methods and materials for activating the growth of so many minds and personalities has given her an unusually broad repertoire of insights and skills to nurture educational growth. Her mission is to foster independence and enjoyment in learning for each one of her clients.