We were referred to Dr. Bonomo when my daughter (now 10 and in the 5th Grade) was diagnosed with a processing delay, later dyslexia. She has worked with my daughter for the past year and a half, and has vastly improved her sense of phonics and ability to decode. Additionally, her spelling has improved tremendously. Dr. Bonomo has also worked with my daughter on her writing skills in terms of thought organization, structure, content and mechanics. She has been very supportive of our family and was a very knowledgeable resource as we navigated the formal evaluation and diagnosis process for dyslexia. Our daughter has become a stronger reader and writer as a result of her work with Dr. Bonomo, and received a level 4 on her 4th grade NY State ELA exam. She has recently been admitted to Salk Middle School.


Jackie is by far the best learning specialist I have ever worked with. The three other specialists I worked with over my college years did not address my needs or goals as clearly as Jackie did. She quickly found the root of my weaknesses, spent a lot of time reviewing my LD/ADHD diagnosis, and truly understood what I needed to do to reach my potential. Working with her, I was able to gauge my progress and felt more confident after every session because her tutoring strategy allows you to practice the skills she teaches you and play an interactive role as a student. Perhaps what separates her from all the other learning specialists, is that she truly understand how the brain learns and functions, and is able to connect her students to methods that work for them. Sessions with Jackie are hard work, and you'll definitely see a lot of growth in your study skills and learning strategies.

-H.T., Columbia University graduate

I can't recommend Dr. Bonomo highly enough. Within just a few sessions, my son's writing noticeably improved. He was able to provide more detailed descriptions and write in a more organized manner. She also helped him with grammar and sentence structure, and even had the wonderful idea of having him write a persuasive essay about a city issue to Mayor De Blasio. I couldn't be more pleased with his progress--right down to how he handles a pencil. Her help with his grip made a huge difference in his handwriting and relieved the fatigue that made him reluctant to write.
Not only did his grades improve, but we had less tension around homework, resulting in better quality time at home. That was a side benefit I wasn’t expecting, but was truly grateful for.

-S.C., parent of 5th grader, P.S. 199


I have helped underachieving students succeed with challenging curriculum at the following New York City private and public schools:


• Birch Wathen Lenox
• Buckley
• Collegiate
• Columbia Grammar
• Dwight
• Friends Seminary

• Manhattan Country
• Riverdale Country
• The Rodeph Sholom School
• The Rudolph Steiner School
• Saint Ann’s
• Saint David’s

• Spence
• Stuyvesant High School
• United Nations International